Benefits of the eServices Program

Improved Patient Experience

  • Quicker and more efficient access to specialty care, whether or not an in-person visit is required
  • Increased involvement and visibility for patients during the referral process
  • Equitable access to specialty care by providing an alternative when in-person specialist visits are challenging for patients (e.g. remote locations or mobility challenges)

Improved Clinician Experience

More appropriate access to specialty care for patients, including:

  • Timely access to specialty advice when an in-person visit is not required (median response time <1 day)
  • A more complete, and efficient referral process when an in-person visit is required
  • Prompts learning, knowledge sharing, and improved care coordination between primary care and specialists
  • More efficient and better-documented communication between clinicians

Administrative Time Savings

  • Less time booking appointments
  • Reduction in unnecessary referrals, when applicable
  • Reduction in time spent contacting patients (phone calls, emails)
  • No need to track down lost referrals (lost or stolen faxes)

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