About eOrdering

eOrdering allows clinicians to electronically send lab orders directly from their EMR. The orders can then be accessed by the participating labs directly from the OLIS-MORE

The Lab eOrdering project is starting with the electronic ordering of lab services currently available on the Provincial Lab Requisition, through a Limited Production Release (LPR). Once it is deployed in a limited way to select clinicians for a six-month period, it will remain in place and be augmented based on the LPR’s clinically-informed evaluation and enhancements process to support provincial spread and scale.

Participating labs will be able to securely access the lab order electronically through the Ontario Laboratories Information System – Mobile Orders and Results Entry application (OLIS-MORE), and will not require the hardcopy requisition. This addresses the existing issue of lost requisitions, reduces the paperwork burden and the need for manual data entry, adds an additional layer of privacy and security of patient information, and ensures that the ordered lab tests are only being completed once.

The long-term goal is to transition to a paperless process once all labs are participating in the Lab eOrdering initiative.   


LifeLabs, DynaCare and Alpha Labs are the three labs that are participating in the Lab eOrdering LPR.


Approximately 50 clinicians are participating in the Lab eOrdering LPR.

EMR Vendors

The eOrdering LPR currently includes integrations with Alpha GlobeMed EMR and CHR EMR Advantage. Other EMR Vendors will be added shortly.


The eOrdering LPR will run for six months, until approximately November 2024. After this time, eOrdering will expand beyond the LPR.

Clinician Benefits

Patient Benefits

Note: Patients can go to the lab of their choice. If they choose to go to a non-participating lab, they will simply provide their hardcopy requisition form upon arrival at the lab.

Lab Benefits

System Benefits

The Background

A provincial eOrdering Working Group (co-chaired by OH and the Ontario eServices Program) was established in July 2021. The objective was to facilitate a collaboration amongst stakeholders to identify the requirements and needs for digital ordering to be successful in Ontario. 

Between July 2021 and January 2022, the working group worked to develop recommendations for eOrdering in Ontario, building on what’s working and moving forward with recommendations for what could be improved. These recommendations are guiding the eOrdering LPR in Ontario.

The Lab eOrdering LPR initiative is a collaboration between: